Bergama, with its rich history dating back thousands of years, is home to the Hera Boutique Hotel. The ruins of two 200 year old Greek houses were patiently renovated by the Oflaz family to create the Hera Hotel, which opened in June 2011. The building’s main characteristic features are the original stone walls, which were restored to their original style. The two separate buildings house 10 beautifully decorated rooms, a comfortable lobby, tranquil courtyard, wine cellar and flower/pomegranate tree filled garden. The hotel has a terrace overlooking the temple of Demeter, one of the seven temples in Acropolis, on one side and the Red Church & city of Bergama on the other. The wine cellar, named Dionysus after the God of wine, is richly stocked with a selection of Turkish wines and provides a perfect cool retreat from the summer heat.

Keeping close to the Greek history of the building, each room is named after a mythological God and Goddess, with sheepskin parchment illustrations depicting each one in every room. The rooms are decorated with vintage style furnishings, reflecting the rich history of both the hotel and the ancient city.

The hotel is named after Zeus` wife, the Goddess of women and marriage. The natural presence of a pomegranate tree in the courtyard garden, which is the key symbol associated to Hera, was the main influence in naming the hotel.

The panoramic views of the terrace serve as the perfect setting for a hearty breakfast, which includes a variety of local natural produce and freshly baked bread. Or enjoy a glass of Turkish wine, watching the sunset over the Acropolis or Red Church! Alternatively, relax in the courtyard with a cup of Turkish coffee and utilize the free wireless internet connection, which is available throughout the entire hotel.